Who are Seaglaze Group?

Seaglaze Group is the parent company to Seaglaze Marine Windows and Specialist Toughened Glass. When Seaglaze Marine Windows encountered supplier issues getting the highly specialised grades of toughened glass that are required for their marine products, the bold decision was made to establish their own glass toughening plant. From this decision in 2014 both Specialist Toughened Glass, and Seaglaze Group were created. That bold decision has borne fruit as Seaglaze Marine Windows has continued to grow and improve their offerings in the marine market, now backed with confidence that their glass is always available and of the highest quality, and Specialist Toughened Glass has rapidly grown to offer their own wide array of capabilities suitable for construction, architecture, interior design and more.

Seaglaze Group was established as a parent company allowing both companies to be run as independent equals, yet still maintain the same values, and share their resources and experience.

Guided by our core values we aim to continue providing the best high quality products and services, whilst continuing to invest in new and exciting opportunities, and have a positive impact on our greater community.

Our Core Values

Seaglaze Group is built on a set of core values that influence everything we do, from the products and services that we offer to our own internal processes and decision making.

  • Ethical
    • We always want to provide the best solutions for the people we interact with, our environment and our community.
  • Collaborative Partnerships
    • We believe in being more than simply a supplier, but to be a partner working with our customers and our own suppliers to meet the needs of all.
  • Innovation
    • We are always pursuing the next thing, whether that be new capabilities to integrate into our products, or the latest technological developments to help us manage our work and environment.
  • Quality Focused
    • We source the best materials and the greatest expertise to craft superior products. We aim for Seaglaze to be synonymous with high quality.
  • Results Driven
    • We always pursue excellence in our processes and our products. We are determined to meet the needs of our clients at every opportunity.