Second test post with longer body text to gauge excerpt length.

How now brown cow.

That thing about the lazy fox.

Long sentence in which nothing is achieved but the ever increasing word count to try and push this content behind the break in the News page display.

And now, gibberish: 345gb143bv 534tcw45yv1q34 ijtq584qw5y0q945ytjq[0o8i5ub yq4[0v5mqc,0t9quergfoiadjhs tpmyow847u v0[9cq,5 x-pyh8g547c 9yuhwcv9e586g2pqwv5dq0 8q38[47q20zb2-45t7vjmctm-04x98tuas,[x0fg98uywcr0-5uybw [0huw460y u40y94u5t029762-54069u245-06v2349tuq345tjqerngsrt673h567g3ctwe4ef59og87ktoviwrty45j356hgv243tcdwrtthg57gvy35h7h356gv249mjy9w45yn2 6u7862562v4j5cdk2845cdt98245lc24f596j2h46y83lfy2f4f6y73v5fh7j3ntghebtrgt5ybe6unj443h7hjm

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